Yamaha Adventure Pro GPS System

The All-New Yamaha Adventure Pro powered by Magellan is an advanced adventure navigation tool that allows Yamaha owners to explore further with even more proficiency and certainty, as well as share their experiences with friends and family.

This off-road-ready Android-based tablet boasts GPS mapping and navigation, online trip planning and storage, social sharing and front/rear camera for all users. Adventure Pro will also sync with pre-wired 2019 Wolverine and YXZ1000R models to provide advanced data and vehicle feedback including speed, RPM, coolant temps, drive selection 4WD mode and more, all of which is displayed via a ruggedized 7-inch waterproof display.

Adventure Pro is portable, allowing it the versatility to be synced with desktop computers at home during the adventure planning stages, as well as utilized in your car or truck to navigate to the trail before being mounted in your Yamaha off-road vehicle.

To create an account and plan your next adventure, visit www.YamahaAdventurePro.com and access more than 115,000 pre-populated trails and waypoints, as well as a wide variety of trip-planning tools.

Learn more about the Yamaha Adventure Pro by visiting House of Yamaha in Big Lake.

The Yamaha Adventure Pro features:

  • GPS Mapping & Navigation
  • Online Adventure Planning
  • 115,000+ Pre-Loaded Trails and Waypoints
  • Yamaha exclusive Timing Mode
  • Social Sharing Functionality
  • Yamaha Vehicle Integration*
  • Portability & Versatility
The Adventure Pro GPS system is available at House of Yamaha in Big Lake Alaska
YXZ1000R side by side is wired for the new Yamaha Adventure Pro GPS system

The all-new 2019 Wolverine X2 and 2019 Wolverine X4, as well as the new 2019 YXZ1000R / SS Side-by-Side (SxS) models, are pre-wired for Adventure Pro installation and provides advanced on-screen data tracking and vehicle feedback.

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