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2017 VK 540 Yamaha snowmachine for sale at House of Yamaha in Big Lake Alaska

2017 VK 540 Yamaha Snowmobile

Available in Black, Orange, or White. Yamaha’s Return of the 2-stroke VK 540 Utility/Work Snowmachine

Yamaha Snowmobiles

Yamaha Snowmobile Technology-Yamaha combines the most technologically advanced 4 stoke engine system in the history of snowmobiling with an innovative chassis filled with lightweight, space-age materials to deliver a truly satisfying riding experience.

Yamaha snowmobile for sale Big Lake AK

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How important is our team? We only hire the best experts to sell our snowmobiles and other all terrain vehicles. Why? Our experts not only sell, they also provide customer service and customer service is what we’ve built our business on! When you call Alaska House of Yamaha in Big Lake, AK you will be directly connected to one of our professional team members. No matter whom you talk to or when you call, we’ll always have the answer you’re looking for!

Our promise

We promise nothing but the best snowmobiles. Further, we promise nothing but the best service. When you make a snowmobile purchase with us, you will be purchasing a safe vehicle that provides you with the ultimate freedom to glide wherever you like.

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